zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

Team Fortress 2 Mannconomy Update

So the new, long awaited, update for Team Fortress 2 is out. This may be a good reason for me to start playing again, because since the Engineer update I haven't played that much at all. Mainly because of my shitty internet connection which makes me lag out of the game every ten minutes, hopefully I won't have that problem again this time.

But about the Mannconomy update; People all over the world are angry now because of the micro transactions that Valve added to the game. They are angry because they don't want to pay money for a game that has been free for so long and has got free updates that time too. But do they really know enough about the update to be mad about? I mean, all the items from the Polycount contest can still all be crafted and found through normal gameplay like everyone would have if they didn't add the micro transitions. The only advantage that people who buy it can have is that they have all the items (and the item set bonus). But is anyone really going to pay 20euros for a couple of items for a game that cost most of around 20euros too? I mean that's just insane

What are your views on the new update guys?